The Family Law (season 3)

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The third season of 6 episodes of “The Family Law”, favorite for many! This is a narrative about a small multicultural Chinese-Australian family. The main hero is a boy, more precisely, a 14 year old teenager, Benjamin, whose dream of the life is to become a movie star. Unfortunately, today he plays big roles only in the life circumstances of other people. Benjamin often gets mixed in some bewildering happenstance, where he proves to be a weighty link, though there is no initial connection between him and the person. Is he affecting the events somehow, that it causes some specific result?

Original Title: The Family Law
Country: Australia
Release Date: 2019
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Benjamin Law
Cast: Trystan Go, Fiona Choi, Anthony Brandon Wong, Shuang Hu

Runtime: 27 min
Language: English


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