Cruel Summer (season 1)

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What happened in the distant 90s of the last century with the girl Janette? An ordinary teenager with glasses and braces, having celebrated her fifteenth birthday, realizes that she is far from beautiful. Having met a girl named Kate on her birthday, Janette clearly understands the gap between the popularity of her peers among her peers and her modest persona. She doesn’t even have a boyfriend. A clumsy and shy girl decides to make global changes in her destiny. But in what way will she be able to translate this into reality? In a small Texas town, everyone is insight. It is very difficult to do something secretly from prying eyes and nosy neighbours. Janet’s persistence, however, can only be marvelled at. The sudden disappearance of Kate, a former teen star, makes room for a new heroine. And how does it happen that this vacant place is occupied by the grey mouse Janet?

Original Title: Cruel Summer
Country: USA
Release Date: 2021
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Bert V. Royal
Cast: Chiara Aurelia, Olivia Holt, Harley Quinn Smith, Blake Lee

Runtime: 45 min
Language: English


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