Godless (season 1)

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The actions of the series takes place in 1884 and tells the story about the time of the Gold Rush: people digging in hopes to find gold and get rich. In New Mexico, the rush for the precious commodity reaches unimaginable proportions and makes the people desperate to find gold. Roy Goode,is an outlaw, who is fleeing the law and his former gang. After a mine accident that lead to the deaths of men, their widows and female family members find a small community and call themselves the La Belle group. Roy Goode finds himself a shelter in the community and becomes a member of it. Because of Roys past, his membership will bring the community a lot of trouble.

Original Title: Godless
Country: USA
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Western
Creator: Netflix
Cast: Samuel Marty, Luke Robertson, Rio Alexander, Joleen Baughman, Jeremy Bobb, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kayli Carter, Donald Cerrone, Kim Coates, Jeff Daniels, Chad Dashnaw, Rachel de la Torre, Michelle Dockery, Brian Lee Franklin, Tess Frazer, Marianna Gallegos, Evan Bryn Graves, Travis Hammer, Keith Jardine, Bill Jones, Matthew Dennis Lewis, Russell Dennis Lewis, Scoot McNairy, Audrey Moore, Jack O’Connell, Joe Pingue, Michael Earl Reid, Christiane Seidel, Samantha Soule, Adam David Thompson, Marie Wagenman, Julian Grey, Russell G. Jones, Erik LaRay Harvey, Jack McGraw, Elisa Perry, Jessica Sula, Whitney Able, Richard Beal, Melissa Chambers, Courtney Cunningham, Austin Kane, Rob Morgan, Ali Agirnas, Ralph Alderman, Trine Christensen, Landall Goolsby, Mathew Greer, Griffin Kane, Colin Miller, Colin Miller, Sarah Minnich, Rachel Singer, Gregory Paul Valdez, Delaney Williams, Matthew R. Williams, Shawn-Caulin Young

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


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