Krypton (season 1)

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All the actions of the series “Krypton” are developing on the distant planet Krypton. There live ordinary people, without any super abilities. But once in two hundred years this planet will give birth to a hero familiar to the Earth – Superman. But the series is not quite about him. In the center of the plot is a young guy Sage from the noble house El. Because of the fact that Sage’s grandfather tried to prove the existence of other civilizations, the whole house was disgraced, and his grandfather was killed. Now the boy, hot in character and smart, like his grandfather, is forced to live like all mortals, in poverty and in slums.

Original Title: Krypton
Country: USA
Release Date: 2018
Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Creator: David S. Goyer, Damian Kindler, DC Entertainment, Phantom Four, Warner Horizon Television
Cast: Cameron Cuffe, Georgina Campbell, Elliot Cowan, Ian McElhinney, Ann Ogbomo, Rasmus Hardiker, Wallis Day, Aaron Pierre, Shaun Sipos, Blake Ritson, Phill Langhorne, Gordon Alexander, Sarah Armstrong, Una Carroll, Oliver Cotton, Killian Coyle, Desmond Edwards, Malachi Hallett, Asiatu Koroma, Faisal Mohammed, Jennifer Lee Moon, India Mullen, Alexis Raben, Tipper Seifert-Cleveland, Andrea Vasiliou, Peter Basham, Kim Adis, Sonita Henry

Runtime: 45 min
Language: English


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