Leverage: Redemption (season 1)

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The protagonists of this story lived like everyone else. They are watching a world that is changing beyond recognition. About nine years have passed since the last meeting. The main things all this time were resting and were out of work. Now they realize that the world has remained unchanged. The rich became even richer, while the poor remained below the poverty line. This wild injustice can unsettle anyone. However, the protagonists are ready to declare war on this trend. They are ready to get back to business and even accept new people into their ranks.

Original Title: Leverage: Redemption
Country: USA
Release Date: 2021
Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Creator: Chris Downey, John Rogers
Cast: Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf

Runtime: 40 min
Language: English


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