Masterchef US (season 8)

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This show features a number of people who claim to be talented chefs. The jury of the contest including Gordon Ramzi has to decide which of the contestants has a potential to be an outstanding cook and can even try to become the best chef of the country. In order to prove that they are not just able to amaze their friends with their cooking skills, the participants have to complete some difficult tasks. The tests are designed by the jury in such a way that the contestants will be able to show their talents in various ways. The title of America’s Best Chef and a cash prize will be granted to the person who passes all the tests in the best way. In addition, there is a bonus prize – writing a culinary book and becoming a famous author.

Original Title: Masterchef
Country, Channel: USA, FOX
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV
Creator: Ben Adler, Robin Ashbrook, Pat Llewellyn
Cast: Gordon Ramsay, Charlie Ryan, Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich, Christina Tosi

Runtime: 42 min
Language: English


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