Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries (season 2)

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The series is set in Melbourne in the 1960s. World-famous lady detective Phryne Fischer disappears without a trace in New Guinea. Phryne’s successor and heiress is her niece, the frivolous Peregrine Fisher. The girl is determined to become the most famous private detective in the world. To do this, she enlists the support of the Adventurers’ Club and takes on the investigation of the most difficult and intricate cases.

Original Title: Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries (season 2)
Country: Australia
Release Date: 2021
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Deb Cox, Fiona Eagger
Cast: Geraldine Hakewill, Joel Jackson, Catherine McClements, Louisa Mignone

Runtime: 86 min
Language: English


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