Physical (season 1)

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Sheila Rubin got married for a very great love. However, gradually she begins to lead the ordinary life of an ordinary housewife. Once, the girl imagined life with her beloved man and marriage in a completely different way. Having lived in the same rhythm for several years, Sheila suddenly realizes that she cannot continue this way. She feels deeply depressed. Quite by accident, Sheila once ends up in the gym where an aerobics group is taking place. She immediately realizes that this is exactly what can save her from her daily routine. The heroine manages to overcome not only her complexes but also a sense of panic fear of strangers.

Original Title: Physical
Country: USA
Release Date: 2021
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Creator: Rose Byrne
Cast: Rose Byrne, Dierdre Friel, Grace Kelly Quigley, Rory Scovel

Runtime: 40 min
Language: English


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