The Unusual Suspects (season 1)

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The series tells about an unusual collaboration between two people. At first glance, nothing can connect them. John Reese is a former CIA officer. He turned, practically, into a real bum. Once John was in the police station, from which he was on the way to prison. But the world is not without good people. A mysterious Harold Finch came to the aid of Reese. This is a millionaire who created a machine that identifies victims of future crimes. This allows all crimes to be prevented. Harold offers Reese a collaboration that involves working together to prevent all sorts of crimes.

Original Title: The Unusual Suspects
Country: Australia
Release Date: 2021
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Jessica Redenbach
Cast: Miranda Otto, Aina Dumlao, Michelle Vergara Moore, Lena Cruz

Runtime: 40 min
Language: English


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