The White Princess (season 1)

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Elizabeth Voodville, ” The White Queen”, in novels and legends appears as a romantic figure. Actually her life in the 15th century didn’t resemble the magic fairy tale at all. She, perhaps, marriage for love, but as the queen of England has faced treachery and danger. Our series “The White Princess” are about her daughter Elizabeth of York. But married life of the young Princess with Henry VII quickly becomes unbearable.

Original Title: The White Princess
Country, Channel: USA, Starz
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Drama
Creator: Jamie Payne, Alex Calimnios
Cast: Jodie Comer, Jacob Collins-Levy, Chris Barnicoat, Rebecca Benson, Mark Anthony Games, Ian Massey, Katie Powles, Samuel Rush, Taynee Lord, Michelle Fairley, Essie Davis, Heidi Ely, Hannah Floodpage, Alison Garner, Patrick Gibson, Oliver Hembrough, Ava Masters, Amy Manson, Anthony Flanagan, Guillaume Rivaud, Rollo Skinner, Michael Smoker, Albert de Jongh, Jamie Sharpe, Iain Batchelor, Samantha E. Hunt

Runtime: 35 min
Language: English


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