Tin Star (season 1)

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The new chief of a police department in the Canadian Rockies is excited to start his duty and moves there with his family. He hopes for a new clean start as he had a rough life as a detective and alcoholic. But things don’t go as smooth as he planned when violence sparks in the city out of nowhere. The sheriff finds out that he is dealing with a big oil company with a lot of legal and illegal cash flows. The situation gets worse when he and his family are attacked on a gas station which leads to the death of his son. Now the new chiefs one and only goal is to get revenge for his son and stop the criminals.

Original Title: Tin Star
Country, Channel: UK, Amazon
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Crime, Drama
Creator: Gilles Bannier, Rowan Joffe
Cast: Tim Roth, Christopher Heyerdahl, Ryan Kennedy, Lynda Boyd, Myles Peterman, Oliver Coopersmith, Chad Stanley Martin, Mike Kovac

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


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