United States of Al (season 1)

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In the series, you can see how hard it is for people who went through the fighting and returned home after that. One such person is Riley, who served in the Marine Corps. Now he has returned to his home in Ohio. But he is having a hard time. And then there are the quarrels with his wife that constantly occur after his return. Everything is aggravated by his father, who lives with them. His friend and colleagues Al, who was his translator in Afghanistan, comes to visit him. This will only add to the problems. After all, Al is the first time in America, but he intends to build his new peaceful life here. Also, his presence in the life of this family will change everything for the better.

Original Title: United States of Al
Country: USA
Release Date: 2021
Genres: Comedy
Creator: David Goetsch, Maria Ferrari
Cast: Adhir Kalyan, Parker Young, Dean Norris, Elizabeth Alderfer

Runtime: 40 min
Language: English


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