Wisdom of the Crowd (season 1)

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Jeffrey Tanner has a brilliant mind who has suffered a serious loss: his daughter was murdered some time ago and the cruel crime never cleared up. He then takes the investigations into his own hands by inventing a crowdsourcing app that serves the thoughts of countless people. So he hopes to discover all the tiny details that have escaped the authorities in their work. What Jeffrey does not suspect, however, is that he will not only revolutionize the fight against crime, but will also cross all sorts of limits that would never have been exceeded. He will come across with dangerous people but will stay faithful to his mission.

Original Title: Wisdom of the Crowd
Country: USA
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Drama
Creator: Algorithm Entertainment, Keshet International, Universal Television
Cast: Ramses Jimenez, Abigail F. Cowen, Blake Lee, Jai Rodriguez, Jeremy Piven, Richard T. Jones, Natalia Tena, Ion Overman

Runtime: 43 min
Language: English


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