Bite Club (season 1)

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Many people suffer of different traumas during the life. Somebody can manage with it after few weeks, somebody remembers the whole life. The story “Bite” is exactly the description of group of people who had bad experience. All of them were attacked by sharks. They decided to organize their own club. They know what an awful experience everyone had and they feel how to support each other. Their life could become easier, but they found out that they are in danger again. A crazy maniac now is looking for them and wants to kill them all. They have to stay together and protect each other. And somebody has to manage with the killer.

Original Title: Bite Club
Country: Australia
Release Date: 2018
Genres: Crime, Thriller
Creator: Create NSW, Playmaker Media, Screen Australia
Cast: Freyja Benjamin, Michela Carattini, Jason Chong, Gabi Goddard, Darcie Irwin-Simpson, Leof Kingsford-Smith, Patricia Pemberton, Milan Pulvermacher, Jeremy Raftos

Runtime: 44 min
Language: English


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