Love, Lies and Records (season 1)

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Love, Lies and Records is a BBC One British drama series that revolves around the fate of a woman who works at the town hall and receives a big promotion. Kate Dickenson is a single mother who worked hard to achieve what she has. But with better pay not only more responsibility comes, but also a whole bunch of new problems. Kates life gets more complicated with a whole lot of drama appearing after her promotion. Her so called friends become jealous and turn their backs on Kate, blaming her for all the bad in their lives. The single mother even regrets getting a promotion and tries to cope with all the drama in her life.

Original Title: Love, Lies and Records
Country: UK
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Drama
Creator: Rollem Productions, Acorn Media Enterprises, British Broadcasting Corporation
Cast: James Burrows, Mark Preston, Ashley Jensen, Adrian Bower, Rhys Cadman, Kenny Doughty, Rebecca Front, Mandip Gill, Mark Stanley, Gaja Filac, Rochenda Sandall, Noof McEwan, Jonas Khan, Leila Mimmack, Katarina Cas, Matthew Marsh, Kaya Moore, Lily Mae, Maja Juric, Charlotte Emmerson, Steve Evets, Clare Higgins, Julia Ford, Christopher Jordan, Daniel Lockett, Mollie Winnard, Grace Ruiz, Gracie Kelly, Jamie O’Rourke

Runtime: 58 min
Language: English


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