Plug Love (2017)

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Carmen, the main character of “Plug love”, is a beautiful, attractive woman. She had never cheated on her man for all twelve years they had been together, but nobody can say the same about him. He betrayed her so many times that Carmen just tired of these relationships and finally decided to break up with her husband. All she wants is to find a man that will love her and to be the only one for him. One day she meets her ideal man – he is smart, gallant, handsome and faithful. And in a moment when she thought she had found her happiness, it appeared that the true love has its price…

Original Title: Plug Love
Country, Channel: USA
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Drama
Creator: Derek Scott
Cast: Murda Payne, Lance Whittighton, Sino, Jessica Ryan, NuNu Thurman, Vito Million, Demaris Harvey, Kyle Greenlaw, Shorty Rich

Runtime: 116 min
Language: English


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