Trump’s War on the Border (2017)

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The documentary “Trump’s War on the Border” tells about the life in the border of US and Mexico now, when Donald Trump attempt to keep the most ambiguous and controversial promise of his pre-election campaign – to build the wall. This is a very expensive project, but the President intends to achieve any sum from the Congress. He also does not exclude the possibility of temporary closure of the government in case of failure – he is ready to start the conflict with legislators. The main question is whether Trump will succeed in building the wall or not. Literally the whole world is waiting for the result of his plan.

Original Title: Trump’s War on the Border
Country, Channel: UK
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Documentary
Creator: Lee Phillips
Cast: Paul McGann, Tim Nailer Foley, Enrique P. Nieto, Donald J. Trump

Runtime: 47 min
Language: English


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