Killing Hasselhoff (2017)

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The movie “Killing Hasselhoff” tells the story about a nightclub owner. His business is going through hard times and almost makes no profit. Trying to manage with financial difficulties, the main character takes money from the moneylender. But it turns out that this sum is too little and will not save his club from going under. So he decide to take a risk. One of moneylenders to whom he owes much money bets on the celebrities’ date of death. He bet on David Hasselhoff, but it seems that nothing bad is going to happen with him. The owner of night club has to kill a famous actor so that moneylender can win a bet and forgive his debts.

Original Title: Killing Hasselhoff
Country, Channel: USA
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Comedy
Creator: Darren Grant, Peter Hoare
Cast: David Hasselhoff, Rhys Darby, Rebecca Olejniczak, Ken Jeong, Melanie Brown, Carlos PenaVega, Gena Lee Nolin, Justin Bieber, Howie Mandel, Jon Lovitz, Rick Fox, Will Sasso, Dan Bakkedahl, Michael Winslow, Flula Borg

Runtime: 80 min
Language: English


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