The Hitman’s Bodyguard (2017)

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Michael Bryce is a professional bodyguard. His task is to protect one of the most dangerous killer Darius Kincaid in the world so that he can give evidences against his employers. The band of East European killers is following them – Bryce and Kincaid have 24 hours to arrive at destination place. Once they both were sworn enemies and Michael would be glad to kill Darius himself, but now he has to make every effort to defend him. The film has a dynamic composition – two narrative lines from two main characters. Also viewers will surely enjoy the astonishing music accompaniment that organically lay down on film’s stylistics.

Original Title: The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Country, Channel: USA, China, Bulgaria, Netherlands
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Action, Comedy
Creator: Patrick Hughes, Tom O’Connor
Cast: Elodie Yung, Ryan Reynolds, Tsuwayuki Saotome, Roy Hill, Richard E. Grant, Gary Oldman, Rod Hallett, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Nadia Konakchieva, Valentin Stojanov, Noortje Herlaar, Georgie Glen, Michael Gor, Barry Atsma, Ralitsa Vassileva

Runtime: 118 min
Language: English, French, Russian


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